Short vacation in the Northern French Alps, May 2010
View from my hotel room in Brides-les-Bains
The French national football team happened to have their training camp (in view of the World Championship) in Tignes..!
Between Val d'Isère et le Col d'Isère... To the left, the road that I was supposed to be taking... closed :-/
But we had a nice (rather scary) walk in these surroundings...
Piaf and Saga
Le Mont Blanc
Aiguille du Midi
Aiguille du Midi
What's that??
Crazy, crazy people!!
Ascending to the Aiguille, 3842 m!
View over the Mont Blanc massive
Vue sur/Utsikt mot Chamonix de/från l'Aiguille du Midi, 3842 m
... and more, crazy, crazy people!
Birds flying (very) high...
Mont Blanc
Short vacation in the Northern French Alps, May 2009
Lac du Bourget
Piaf i / dans / in Lac du Bourget
Charmant Som
Piaf, Charmant Som
Piaf och/et/and Saga på/au/at Charmant Som, 1867 m
Lac de Bourget
Crêt de Châtillon, 1699 m
Le Lac d'Annecy
Col des Aravis
Col des Aravis, 1486 m
Piaf, Col de la Colombière
Annecy, vielle ville